We provide a range of security services to suit any business requirements you may have.

CCTV Surveillance

Security Software

CCTV Surveillance

Our Experienced Technicians Supply And Provide Installation, Configuration And Management Of Your CCTV Systems, So You Can Focus On What Really Matters!
Protect Your Business

Speak to our knowledgeable engineers about CCTV Surveillance Camera range. We can supply a wide range of CCTV Systems, that come in all different shapes and sizes, for both internal and external use and for use in different environments, or with special features. Most of our CCTV Cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) and connect over the IP Network.

We’ll Handle Everything
We’ll not only install and configure your CCTV system on-site, but configure it for you too, taking all hassle out of the equation. We can also manage your servers if required, giving you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, we’re on hand to help resolve the issue!

Software Security

Our Experienced Technicians Provide Software To Suit Any Needs And Requirements You May Have. Contact Us For More Information!
Security & Antivirus Software
We supply ESET Endpoint Security, Webroot Security, as well as many other programs to protect your corporate network and IT systems from any malicious software or code that may try to steal your data, infect your devices or take down your business.
Remote Desktop Software
As part of our Remote Technical Support Package, we’ll supply you with Remote Connection Software, allowing us to connect to your PC remotely and assist you if anything goes wrong, without the need to wait for on-site support!