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Business Technologies NI is a Telecoms Provider based in Lisburn, just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have extensive knowledge in the industry and combined with our IT knowledge can put together reliable systems. We offer a free comparison of your recent bills with an overview of how we should be able to save you money and make your systems more reliable and flexible.

In 2016 British Telecoms announced that they intend to migrate all customers to the IP network by 2025 *.

This means you will no longer have access to the well trusted ISDN platform, and leaves you with three choices.
Stick with what you have and deal with it at a later stage,
Make a jump and completely move to one of our VoIP systems or,
Have one of our hybrid ISDN/VoIP solutions installed so you can keep using the stability of ISDN in conjunction with call savings through VoIP, so when the ISDN services terminate your system will continue to run over VoIP.

Other benefits of changing to one of our IP based phone systems are …

  • You can take your phone anywhere in the world that has an internet connection and securely connect to the system as if you were sitting in the office.
  • Remote Workers – Up to 100% of your phones can be operated remotely if desired.
  • Multiple offices can now be linked into one phone system giving free internal calls between all offices. (This is on the understanding you have a broadband connection already paid for, and additional data charges may apply)
  • Flexibility – You can install a softphone on your laptop, smartphone, or home computer and use it as your work phone while away from the office.
  • Any voicemail’s can be emailed to you straight away and held securely on your server.
  • Total incoming/outgoing lines can be easily increased or decreased depending on your internet connection speed.
  • Total phones or users on the system can be easily increased or decreased. We don’t sell you locked down systems and charge you for extra licenses to add additional phones or users.
  • Our Automated Attendant has no locked down limit of concurrent calls it can handle.
  • Call recording on all calls is standard but can be turned off if desired.
  • Voicemail and call recording storage – a basic, normal, system averages 13600 hrs. Theoretically there is no limit as we can just add more storage. NOTE you do NOT need to buy any additional licenses, just hard drives.
  • IVR System – All our phone systems include an automated interactive voice response system which can be turned off if desired. You can record the prompts yourself or we can do this for you at an additional charge.
  • Everyone can have access to an on screen Web Operator Panel to transfer calls and see the status of other users, if they are available, away from the office, away for lunch or on a call etc. You can still transfer calls directly from your phone if you don’t want to use the Web Operator Panel.

If you would like to learn more about our Phone systems, of have any queries, please give us a call on 02892 44 34 24 or email


We also offer Ethernet Leased Line, ADSL and Fibre broadband, Analogue PSTN line rental with call packages, digital ISDN line rental with call packages, and SIP trunks with call packages.


* You can read more here or to hear full details of BT announcement you can go to the BT announcement at the following link: the actual relevant section of the webcast is after approx. 18 mins – See more at: