We provide a range of networking services to suit any business requirements you may have.

Servers & Databases

Business Broadband

Domains & Website Hosting

Servers & Databases

Our Experienced Technicians Provide Custom Installation, Configuration And Management Of Your Corporate Servers, So You Can Focus On What Really Matters!

Wide Range Of Servers

Speak to our experienced and knowledgeable network engineers about our range of servers. We supply a wide range of server types for different applications, such as for e-mail, shared file storage, virtualisation, and many others. Our friendly staff are always on hand and ready to help.

We’ll Handle Everything

We’ll not only install and configure your servers on-site, but configure them for you too, taking all hassle out of the equation. We can also manage your servers if required, giving you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, we’re on hand to help resolve the issue!

Business Broadband

We provide broadband to your business site, with a range of different speeds and bandwidth packages available! Find out more about the different types of broadband available below:

Fiber To the Premises (FTTP)

Our fastest broadband connection. With FTTP, you’ll experience lightning fast speeds with greater reliability. FTTP offers increased bandwidth, allowing you to host a larger number of users simultaneously, while using multiple networking resources, at faster speeds.

Fiber To the Cabinet (FTTC)

Our second fastest broadband connection. With FTTC, you’ll achieve faster speeds and increased bandwidth, allowing for much higher data transfer speeds than standard, while handling a large number of users and multiple networking devices running simultaneously.

Our Business Broadband package can also be easily configured to operate alongside our VoIP Telephony Platform

Domains & Website Hosting

We Can Provide Domain Names For Your Business Website, As Well As Website Hosting, Meaning You Can Easily Manage Your Website On A Domain Of Your Choice.

Domain Name Provider

We can provide you with a custom website domain name (e.g. as a starting block for you to create a smart and professional business website. Interaction with your customers/clients is important, and a website can help to increase your reach and recognition, putting a face to the name of your business.

Website Domain Hosting

We’ll provide you with a platform on which you can host your website, allowing you and your customers/clients to visit it on the web!