Telecoms – Phone Systems

Last year British Telecoms announced that they intend to migrate all customers to the IP network by 2025 *. This means you will no longer have access to the well trusted ISDN platform, and leaves you with three choices. Stick with what you have and deal with it at a later stage, make a jump and completely move to one of our VoIP systems or, have one of our hybrid ISDN/VoIP solutions installed so you can keep using the stability of ISDN in conjunction with call savings through VoIP, so when the ISDN services terminate your system will continue to run over VoIP.

Hardware/Software Installation & Configuration

We can install and configure your equipment and software as best suits your needs. We can offer some great deals and discounts

Audits, Reports & Quotes

We can audit existing equipment, and then provide a report with recommendations and associated quotes if required.

Telecoms – Broadband, Line Rental and Calls

Using our Broadband and Line Rental means we get behind the scenes access to help diagnose and fix any issues quicker.

Network Solutions

We can design, supply and implement the perfect solution for your networking needs. We offer impartial advice on what tools will best suit your business with the benefit of our knowledge gained from years of industry experience.

Secure Remote Backup

To satisfy strict guidelines for security and data recovery, a lot more companies are using a Secure Remote Backup system. Using the latest advances in Internet Connectivity, our automated software transfers important encrypted data files from your computers to our servers at scheduled times, allowing a complete restore if disaster strikes. We have been successfully running our remote backup software since 2005.


Business Technologies (NI) now offers IP-CCTV security. Traditional analogue surveillance technology (CCTV) has been used for over 20 years and is now increasingly being replaced by the more efficient IP technology surveillance solutions.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery can be a very complicated and costly issue. We can offer limited Data Recovery in-house or on-site, ranging from single drives to full Raid 5 systems.
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