Business Technologies (NI) is a computer Services Company based in Lisburn.  The company was established in 2001 by David Shaw and was known as CAD-IT until December 2010. He was a local award winner in the Shell Live Wire Young Entrepreneur Competition, after successfully completing the Business Start Programme in 2002.  The company has been expanding gradually and now has over 50 clients and a stable backbone of contract clients. Some clients have been looked after by David since 1994.


Audits, Reports & Quotes.  

We can audit existing equipment, and then provide a report with recommendations and associated quotes if required.

Hardware/Software Installation & Configuration.  

We can install and configure your equipment and software as best suits your needs. We can offer some great deals and discounts on the following equipment:

  • Servers & PCs
  • Software & Peripherals
  • Networking & Security
  • Storage & Backup

Why not take advantage of our free system audit and see if we can save you time, money and hassle.

Data Recovery.

Protecting irreplaceable data has become an increasing priority with the rise of information technology and the reliance on business-critical information.

Every business has different needs and expectations for their disaster recovery procedure and should be assessed independently to develop their own solution.

Most large companies spend between 2% and 4% of their IT budget on disaster recovery planning; this is intended to avoid larger losses should the worst happen. Of companies that had a major loss of computerised data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years and only 6% will survive long-term.

Data Recovery can be a very complicated and costly issue.  We can offer limited Data Recovery in-house or on-site, ranging from single drives to full Raid 5 systems.

Network Solutions

We can design, supply and implement the perfect solution for your networking needs. We offer impartial advice on what tools will best suit your business with the benefit of our knowledge gained from years of industry experience. Why not take advantage of our free system audit and see if we can save you time, money and hassle.

Spam Filtering/Antivirus/Spyware Removal

Email spam is a nuisance and a setback to every office. Staff time can be lost picking out genuine emails from spam, and many spam messages today come with ‘phishing attacks’/hoaxes/dangerous attachments, attempting to fool users into giving away their personal information such as bank details. It has been estimated that the annual cost of spam (in lost productivity) is as high as £20.5 billion.

Filtered email systems give your inbox’s back to your staff, preventing spam from being delivered and protecting your personal information. This includes checking all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses and other dangers.

Secure Remote Backup.  

To satisfy strict guidelines for security and data recovery, a lot more companies are using a Secure Remote Backup system.  Using the latest advances in Internet Connectivity, our automated software transfers important encrypted data files from your computers to our servers at scheduled times, allowing a complete restore if disaster strikes. We have been successfully running our remote backup software since 2005.


Business Technologies (NI) now offers IP-CCTV security. Traditional analogue surveillance technology (CCTV) has been used for over 20 years and is now increasingly being replaced by the more efficient IP technology surveillance solutions. IP surveillance systems technology is founded on a well-proven, yet innovative communication technology. It creates digitised video streams, which are transferred over a computer network, thus enabling remote monitoring from anywhere within the reach of the network and also viewing/monitoring from any remote location via the Internet. Please contact us for more details.


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 Contract & Non-Contract Support.  

We can offer IT support either through, non contract call-out support or a contract tailored to suit your requirements, with guaranteed set response times

Remote/Telephone Support

We offer a 120 Minute support invoice whereby you pay upfront for 120 minutes of remote and/or telephone support.  This time gets used up in 15 minutes segments until your 120 minutes have been used up. The 120 minute remote support contract runs out after 12 months so its a good idea to get your PC serviced towards the end of the contract to use up any unused minutes.

PC/Laptop Repair and Maintenance

If you need your Home or Work PC or Laptop serviced to make it run faster, or to remove any infections its picked up over the years all you have to do is drop it in to us and we can usually have it ready the next day. Please bring your power supply if its a laptop.

Contact Details

Business Technologies NI

12 Seymour Park
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Tel 02892443424